Sifu Matthew Hansen welcomes you to Black Mantis Kung Fu Academy International Online Training System developed & delivered in a one on one, lesson by lesson, video format.

All lessons, levels & weapons are taught directly by Sifu Matthew Hansen from his Gold Coast Academy Headquarters in Queensland Australia. Revelling in detail how to train your Forms, Single hand techniques, as well as how to apply the application for combat with every single hand technique.. Then displaying how to generate the power through correct body structure & the direction of movement required for each level also demonstrating  on hand pads or a training/hanging bag. This is very important as every level contains a different feeling, focus, shape & mind set.

Finally you can now learn this unique fighting art & impressive Kung Fu style of Dong Gong Chow Gar Tonglong, Southern Praying Mantis Wu Shu. The style you are about to embark on has a long pure linage straight back to the Shaolin Temple & Sifu Lau Shui over a 250 year period, & only handed down through a few generations. Me being the 6th generation.

Don’t wait any longer start today!!! Learn at your own pace  in the luxury of your own environment or connect with one of our branch academies & instructors worldwide.
We are the only online Black Mantis Kung Fu training system that allows you to have direct correspondence with Sifu Matthew Hansen on Skype using your web cam. He is readily available for you to have face to face private lesson tuitions or just answer any of your questions about the art & style. He will encourage you to enhance & deepen your knowledge, martial arts experience & personal growth. This is the first of its kind not only in Australia but the world.

The style of Southern Mantis Kung fu is no secret in the martial arts world. The Praying Mantis is regarded as the most deadly & feared of all the animal styles & now Sifu Matthew Hansen is going to show you how & why its fearless reputation was created.

Sifu Hansen was trained personally by a Grand Master of the Southern Praying Mantis art form between 1989 – 2009.

Endorsed by the Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng China in 2012, quoted as “best non Chinese master ever seen”. 

Sifu continues dedicating his own life experiences & expression into the Black Mantis Kung Fu System to enhance his & your personal journey.

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