Level 3

Level 3

Level 3 – Twist your Hips

This level is all about connecting the ground with your waist using the spinning of the hips to express the heaviness with control out of your hand.

This is described as the nudging & bustling energy. The focus is to maintain & build power from technique to technique, never re-setting your hand to attack or defend.

A very rewarding & exciting level as you finally feel like your hard work & training is finally getting somewhere & YES it will feel amazing.

Our bodies are naturally designed to produce circular movement so it is perhaps natural that circular movements are a part of many martial arts. Using a circular motion has many advantages which are covered in this level.

Level 3 introduces the first weapon form, the long stick is a great form for your footwork, coordination and hand strength. Learning the staff helps to find your Tong Long structure and build your strike power. It’s also a great workout!

In Level 3 you will learn:

  • The concept and application of circular body movements.
  • Use your structure to move and disrupt an opponent.
  • The first weapon form of the Mantis system, the long staff.
  • Sarm Kung Bik Yil the third form of Tong Long.

Explode, Destroy, Build & Devastate.



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