Level 4

Level 4

Level 4 – Flick and Slice

In this level you will learn how to combine your stance, waist, feet & mind to create the flicking and slicing sensation from within your body.

Now we have established a solid base & started you to move correctly, we can now continue to build up the striking power of Tonglong through a more relaxed understanding of energy output..

In Level 4 you will learn:

  • building on the body mechanics created from training the prior levels.
  • staff vs staff fighting weapon form, against an opponent.
  • fine tuning the hand movements of flicking & slicing.
  • the fourth form of Tonglong – Sarm Bo Pai Tarn.

The body mechanics of the Black Mantis system are really simple – it is possible to learn the theory behind them within minutes.

The Olympics gymnasts make their actions look effortless and simple; it is quite easy to see the mechanics behind what they are doing. Of course this is just part of the joy of watching these performances – we know we have no chance of doing anything like that without dedicating hundreds of hours of practice.

Luckily the Mantis body mechanics are much easier for your body to learn! By regular training of these movements you will discover how to correctly produce the power. There are many exercises to help you find it – watch the lessons!

Combine, Manipulate, Shock & Deliver



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